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Someone whom an Honorary Aristocrat would call Lord, there was only one possibilitythis silver-colored hair beauty was a Galaxy Aristocrat?!


He was not in a hurry to get to Star Harbor anyway, so he decided to go to the pawnshop to take a look. “All right. I will go over now. Wait for me.”


Yes, yes, yes. I sincerely wish to buy it. Its necessary. Why else would we wait so long? Mister, how much is this armor? Is it really only one thousand Galaxy Dollars?


When Li Yang attacked, Tianyi could see that he did not have a strong foundationhis moves were not organized and he was strong only because of his attributes. Tianyi was sure then that they must be the young misses of a rich and powerful family who had come out for an outing. Not only that, they were three extremely beautiful princesses!


He was the first in the shop. On the other side, several people rushed toward the armor. After all, the real value of the armor depended on the embedded gems. Hence, the level of the gems was very important.


Previously, when the great White Beard Mister won him, it was still acceptable as it was obvious he was someone powerful based on his skill and the things the mysterious old man had said about him. It was not a disgrace for him as a younger generation to lose.

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Yes, this is a good idea. Another young man nodded and said, The businesses at Star Harbor do make money, but the profit margin is simply too low. Its a waste to give it up, but theres no gain in keeping it. It would be good if I can sell the worthless little shops. All the shops I have there are worth about three million Galaxy Dollars. If I sell them and get cash to invest in other businesses, the profit will be much more.


Its like this, Lord Aristocrat. The man answered carefully, This shop is opened by an Honorary Aristocrat too, a Double Honorary Aristocrat. However, no one knows what he is thinking. It is rumored that every weapon here is being sold at only one thousand Galaxy Dollars.


There would only be one for sale a day and whoever got there first would get it! Based on the price here today, it was definitely worth it.


No problem. Ace smiled and said, Is there any news as to where Pops is now?


Out of the Star Harbor, Hong Dali stretched lazily and looked around. Ah, its a happy day, haha!


Oh? You mean, you saw Miss Qianxue with the newly advanced Double Honorary Aristocrat together, and they appeared quite intimate? A young man touched his chin as he listened to the guard reporting. This young man was exceptionally handsome but in a different way from Liu Mingxin. Liu Mingxins charm was in his confidence and positivity. But this young man was gentle, especially with his narrow, cold eyes.


“Practice the pose first before the martial arts.” Wang Daoming dotingly patted Little Bai Hechou’s head and said, “After you are well practiced with it, you can forget the poses.”



Being a gigantic information gathering and dispersing center, the volume of information flow here was much more than on Earth.



Our shop sells only one piece of armor a day. First come, first serve. Mister Gate chuckled like a sly old fox. However, as to what time the shop will open, how much it will be sold for, that will depend on my mood for that day.


Actually, gold-level Double Aristocrats wouldn’t be allocated Third Order Planet-level warriors as guards. However, Hong Dali was different—Yin Tianzong was naturally extra concerned about him.


This this When one person touched it, he rushed to the counter and slammed one thousand Galaxy Dollars on the counter too. Boss, I want this armor. Sell it to me!

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